Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Hi Every One, 

I hope you are well! :-) Well, my all time favorite Make-Up Artist Kandee Johnson just posted the most motivating blog post... So, I thought I'd share with you via my Blog... Enjoy.... She always brings a smile to my face when I feel like I've come to a stand still for a while and it doesn't seem like I'm ever gonna move forward again... So, enjoy.... Don't forget to get people to sign up so you can be eligible to win that $25 Sephora Gift card... 

I can't wait till we meet the new goal of 50 followers/subscribers.... The prizes will only get better and better. Like a set of pro make-up brushes or maybe even something better.

Are you a Dream Fighter? 

I was looking back through all my old blog posts...and found this one that I posted exactly one year ago to the day...
it's funny how in this year, so much has happened it kinda feels like 5 years ago.  I want you to know that when all hope is gone, when you feel like your dreams are over....that's usually when gears are turning for your dreams but you just can't see them.

It's like turning your car're in the car, you can't see the pistons firing and all the stuff turning and getting ready to make the car go...but you know you are going to go somewhere...even if you aren't MOVING YET!!!!

Get the idea here?

You may be in your car thinking...."oh man!!! I'm not even going anywhere. We're not even moving...we're never gonna be able to go anywhere like this. What if we never leave the driveway?!? oh maaaaaan!"

Yes you will!

Just like when you're sitting there, you can't see all the parts of the motor preparing you to move on out....but you know they will!

Sit back in the comfy seat of life, no matter what your car looks like, what your driveway or garage looks like...and know that gears are getting ready...turn the engine of your hope on...and believe that your "car" is gonna go somewhere!

here's the post I wrote one year ago today (actually since it's now 1 am, it would technically be yesterday, but I've been working all day and night! ha ha ha...may it touch your heart and inspire you....
Please share this or pass it on to a friend that could use some "heart & dream" encouragement....
made with love, kandee
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