Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vblogging with laptop web cam is soo frustrating

Ok, I've tried several times tonight to tape the Clarisonic demo and so far it's been a big mess!!! I can't wait to buy a video camera... If any one has any recommendations on a good one to buy please let me know.. As always, I will be doing lots of research to find out which gives me the most bang for my buck but your suggestions are still much appreciated... Don't forget to tell me what you'd like to see as far as videos go.. I have a few demo's and a few tutorials planned but I like to find out what you like to see also... Cross your fingers... If my F250 sells I'll be able to get the dinair and give a demo of that as well as a comparison of liquid foundation vs airbrushed foundation... If your in the Army and need some gear keep and eye on this blog for when I post some of my personally purchased gear on ebay... If you are petite and you want it let me know. I will give my blog and you tube subscribers a discount... Well, good night all.. Cross your fingers that I have better luck with my camera tomorrow...

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