Q. Are you available for freelance work for photo shoots, Weddings, Homecoming, Prom, or any other special occasion?

A.Yes, The best part is you can come to me or I can come to you.

Q. I own or represent a company would you be willing to share your opinion of our products with a tutorial of how to use them?

A. Yes, I will be more than happy to review your products. I will give my honest opinion no matter if it's a good or bad opinion of your product. Please email me at carolyn.allums@badlittlepunkgirl.com so I can send you my mailing address for shipping purposes.

Q. Do I have a portfolio available?

A. It's currently under construction and as soon as it's done I will list the web address right here and in my links page.

This page will be updated as questions arise.

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