Monday, May 30, 2011

So, I'm sooo excited to tell you about You might ask why? I'm happy to tell you that if you use this portal to start every purchase you will start to amass a very nice chunk of change for purchases you would have made anyway.. This just puts money back into your pocket sometimes doubling or even trippling it by means of gift cards that purchased on the site prior to your purchase..

I bet your saying what are you talking about? Well, here is how you can put this site and make some healthy change back.

1. Buy a gift card for your favorite retailor on ebates

2. Use the gift card to buy the merchandise you need.

Example: Sephora...

If you love make up or need specific items that are only accessable from Sephora like Makeup forever.
Then go to ebates and buy a gift card from Sephora.
When your favorite product goes on sale, they have a holiday special, or they are selling a packaged special purchase what you need with that gift card. That will double your rebate.

So, if you are a make up artist this is a wonderful way to save some cash...

Here are a few retailors I bet you thought would never be on  Ebates

1. Sephora
2. Hot Topic
3. Ugg
4. Walmart
5. Target
6. Lowes
7. The Containor Store

There are several hundreds of stores maybe even thousands... If you need or want something I would suggest starting at ebates before you buy.

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